ASUS #LightUpLoC – Bringing India together to salute our Jawans

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Client: ASUS India

The Objective

On Diwali, ASUS India wanted to connect with their audience on a topical subject. The news of successful surgical strikes at the Line of Control, which the Indian Army conducted in Kashmir, had become the biggest talking point of that time in 2016. This just so happened to ‘fire up’ an idea to connect with consumers on a more personal level with an incredible good intention at the heart of the campaign that would follow.

The brand’s purpose – 

The Insight

We know, that while we are celebrating any festival or occasion, there are soldiers who are constantly at guard along our borders.

The Big Idea

ASUS wanted to give their fans an opportunity to send out Diwali wishes to the Indian Jawans stationed at the LoC, through virtual wish lanterns using only their smartphones! With the idea of having a virtual lantern lit up for every meter of the LoC, this meant reaching a total of over 7,24,000 virtual lanterns for the 724km stretch.

Creative Execution

TLDR: A Mobile Micro-movement to Wish Our Jawans a Happy Diwali.

ASUS created a mobile-first interactive experience where users could write wishes for the soldiers at the LoC on virtual wish lanterns. The lanterns would then illuminate the entire 724kms of the LoC on a virtual map of India. A gallery was created to highlight all the wish lanterns, allowing you to even download the lantern and share a version of it as a GIF on Whatsapp.

Social Media Execution


The mission agenda was spread through Facebook using targeted media and promoted posts so that everyone got an opportunity to send their own, unique, goodwill message to our Jawans.


Brand advocates started creating a buzz on Twitter using the hashtag #LightUpLoC.

Fans were constantly tweeted to with the status of the lanterns and their progress along the line.

Fans even urged each other to add their lanterns to the LoC in order to send out an overflow of heart-warming messages to our brave Jawans. The hype was real and these conversations got the hashtag #LightUpLoC trending at #1 in no time.


The incredible and innovative means to wish our Jawans further fortified ASUS as a brand that truly believes in the incredible.

On Twitter, 5001 Tweets contributed to the hash tag, reaching out to more than 3.5 million people, garnering over 50.5 million timeline deliveries and 5,000 followers gained!

On Facebook, more than 280,000 likes and 600 shares garnered along with a hike in follower count by 30,000!

Over 80% of the conversations were original posts by users!

The Mobile Micro-Movement inspired many, and even led someone to literally put up a physical paper lantern!

All-in-all, the campaign was a huge success and brought a beautiful insight to light:

When there is a pure and genuine motive at the heart of what brands aim to do, you are guaranteed that everything will simply sail through.

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