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Arrow has rolled out a campaign ‘every special occasion deserves an Arrow’ featuring actor Hrithik Roshan, to highlight how they have created brand recall for special occasions. 

Conceptualised by WYP, a Wondrlab company, the films are narrated by Roshan and showcase how the brand has been an integral part in a consumer’s life. 

 In the first film, Roshan, in the role of a director, opts for Arrow to feel confident while at work on a film set. Whereas, the second film portrays three facets of Roshan, illuminating the array of special occasions that align with Arrow’s essence.

Amit Akali, co-founder and chief creative officer, Wondrlab, said, “Arrow has always looked at creating work that pushes boundaries. So have we. That’s why for ‘every special occasion deserves an Arrow’, we wanted to focus on an occasion that Hrithik would truly mark a day of celebration for him.”

Source: Campaign India

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