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We recently met Nick Burfitt, global director and MD APAC, Kantar Media, and asked him about what the measurement industry is currently focusing on, what data means to brands and more.

Are brands overwhelmed with data?

According to Burfitt, these days marketers are pondering about how to get data right. The biggest gift that digital has given the marketing industry is data, but with opportunities come challenges. Burfitt believes many brands today are overwhelmed with data. And, that’s one big concern area marketers are trying to address. Going forward, brands will also look at harnessing data with the support of third party verification, which is becoming extremely critical.

Measurement has always been complex

In Burfitt’s opinion, the science of measurement has always been complex. And, the challenge around it will always remain. It, therefore, becomes a healthy challenge for companies like Kantar to handle that complexity, says Burfitt. For example, data firms are today looking at data generated from videos very differently. After which context is added to each data set, to make brands easily evaluate the simplicity and effectiveness of these data points.

The need for third-party companies will never be redundant

As brands are actively looking to third-party companies for data verification, research firms are equally encouraging marketers to follow the exercise. Burfitt strongly believes that the need for third-party companies will never be redundant. The measurement landscape is going to be multi-vendor lead, as more collaboration and integrated work happens in the marketing world, says Burfitt. With this brands are also actively evaluating data that come to them, and are encouraging third-party firms to give them the right direction.

Startups can add a layer of colour to the measurement business

Startups have been a boon for almost all businesses. And, as far as the measurement industry is concerned, startups are surely adding a layer of colour, thinks Burfitt. But he also believes that social analytics will never replace TV measurement. The startups claiming that the old way of TV measurement should be re-evaluated are just like people who still believe TV will be dead sooner or later, Burfitt concludes.

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