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In a film conceptualised by Leo Burnett Orchard, Amanté celebrates the fact that it employs 65,000 women to serve its customers. The message is, “When women support women, it makes for a happy women’s day”.


Conceptualised by Social Kinnect, Borosil created a film through which it looks to remind viewers that even the smallest effort made for the women in our families can help change the world.



FreshMenu rolled out #SheSpeaks, a performance art project that looks to celebrate the voices of women. The brand labels ‘#SheSpeaks’ as a platform that celebrates women in a space they deserve: a space that respects them and a space that encourages every woman to #TrySomethingNew.


Indiabulls Home Loans


Indiabulls Home Loans launched a digital campaign titled ‘#ExtraordiNAARI’ to celebrate the extraordinary spirit of women. In a film conceptualised by Social Kinnect, Indiabulls Home Loans takes viewers through ‘The Bohri Kitchen’s’ Nafisa Kapadia. The campaign further encourages viewers to change their Facebook display pictures with their ‘ExtraordiNAARI women’ custom frame filter.


Through a film, Indiamart (#DreamOn) salutes the spirit of women entrepreneurs who have realised their dreams and aspirations by overcoming hurdles. The video emphasises the support of the families of these women which has helped in the success of the women.


Travel marketplace ixigo wants women to travel without any apprehensions. It shows questions women are asked when she wants to travel. It ends with a message that reads ‘eight out of 10 women still need approval to travel. Let’s change that.’

Max Fashion

The fashion brand from the Landmark Group has launched a digital campaign with the idea of ‘inclusivity’. The campaign urges women to express their individuality without any inhibitions.


Reebok India conducted a social experiment ahead of Women’s Day. Titled, ‘Bruises can be good’, the experiment featured select participants across both genders, spanning age groups. They were asked to observe a young woman, marred with bruises. The audience believed she was a victim of  domestic abuse or eve teasing. The bruised girl in the film, stands up to perform a martial art move, surprising the audience and undoing their reactions to her bruised body. With a voice over, it is revealed that she is an athlete and that her bruises are ‘good’ as they are a proof of her strength that enables her to defeat an opponent.

Prega News

Prega News’ latest video deals with postpartum depression by focusing attention on the difficulties faced by pregnant women working in the corporate world. The ad which has been conceptualised by ADK Fortune is the second leg of the brand’s #YourSecondHome campaign. The long-format film is directed by Vijay Veermal and produced by Chrome Pictures.

PC Chandra Jewellers wants to boycott ‘Women’s Day’ celebrations

Uncelebrate Women’s Day

PC Chandra Jewellers has rolled out a film ahead of Women’s Day through which it urges women to uncelebrate the day.  Conceptualised by J Walter Thompson Kolkata, the film shows women stating examples where women see a bias against them. Some of the points they bring out are – “How often have you thought while men look ‘cool’ in shorts, girls look ‘hot’? Have you ever thought why children always take on the father’s surname?’   Among other examples, the film also takes on the phrase ‘working-mom’ and asks why ‘working-dads’ doesn’t exist.    It ends with women asking fellow women to uncelebrate the day (8 March). They claim that women should only celebrate the day, when the world is free of gender biases. U.K. Chandra, MD, PC Chandra Jewellers, said, “We are not against Women’s Day. We are against the idea of celebrating just one day for women. Every day must be women’s day. Without women this world is incomplete.”   Arjun Mukherjee, VP and ECD, J Walter Thompson, Kolkata, said, “The challenge was to cut through the clutter of feel-good Women’s Day messages and create something that’s honest and non-gimmicky. In our everyday life, there are instances of unconscious bias, we often ignore. And in doing so we nurture the seed of discrimination. The aim was not to give solutions, but to raise questions. We are sure this will touch a chord with both men and women and make them think.”   Ayan Chakraborty, VP and executive business director, J Walter Thompson, Kolkata, added, “PC Chandra is a brand that women trust. It is a brand that has been celebrating women for decades. So it was only fitting to have a narrative on Women’s Day that was all about being honest about the respect that women deserve through the year and not just on one special day.”

MTV wants you to throw out your cupcakes and roses this #WomensDay

Women’s Day is right around the corner and soon we’ll see social media and various other platforms flooded with messages that appreciate womanhood.

This Women’s Day, MTV rolled out a video which it describes as, “a video not for women but for all the superficial men who think they can woo a woman by showering her with their pseudo charming tactics. A Woman doesn’t need to be reminded that she is special, she’s already aware that she’s worth a million bucks. She is not your next door docile girl who cuddles with soft toys. She is a feisty lady and she loves it like that. Brands will go out of their way to entice women with gifts and letters to make them feel important. But, is that what they ask for? Has anyone ever asked what they really want? Women don’t need this facade to tell them what they already know. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee!”

According to MTV, if you really want to gift her something, gift her with a sense of equality and respect. Let her know she has an equal standing as the men in the society, that she is no less, be it at home or outside. Take a vow that she will not be frowned upon when she makes her own choices.

According to MTV, if you really want to gift her something, gift her with a sense of equality and respect. Let her know she has an equal standing as the men in the society, that she is no less, be it at home or outside. Take a vow that she will not be frowned upon when she makes her own choices.

Brands bat for gender equality in Women’s Day videos


Tanishq’s new ad aims to break stereotypes and challenge social norms by narrating the story of a woman, who ditches the chairman’s seat and instead, enrols herself at a college in order to change the direction of her life. The one-and-a-half-minute-long video has been crafted and conceptualised by the brand’s agency on record, Lowe Lintas.


Consumer durables brand USHA has released its new ad film which advocates equal partnership in marriages and urges viewers to celebrate Women’s Day every day. The video showcases an endearing interaction between a girl and a boy who are to get married shortly. Seeing his partner getting paranoid, the boy assures his to-be-wife that he will equally partake in the completion of their daily chores.


Ethnic-wear brand Biba has released its latest digital film titled ‘#ChangeForProgress.’ As part of the brand’s on-going campaign series, ‘#Change’, the film wittily aims at tackling the age-old stereotypical notion of boy’s vs girls’ education and what is expected out of them. The ad has been crafted and conceptualised by Brandmovers India.

Dalda Oils

Hydrogenated vegetable oil brand, Dalda, has a new ad advocating for equal rights on the dining table. The video, which is close to two-minutes in length, features popular television actor Hiten Tejwani along with his wife Gauri Pradhan. The video features the hashtag, ‘#PehleTum’.




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